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That’s what today’s Cavaliers (7 4, 4 3 ACC) are hoping for Friday. The Hokies (4 6, 3 4) are down, losers of four straight. Some players have announced their intention to leave the scuffling program. Annual traffic counts conducted by the city along designated bicycle boulevards provide some insight into the size of Berkeley’s bicyclist population. In 2010, transportation officials found three intersections where more than 300 bicyclists were counted passing through within a two hour time frame. These intersections were all gateways to the campus: Milvia Street and Channing Way, Milvia Street and Hearst Avenue and Bowditch Street and Channing Way..

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When I was first diagnosed, I was in shock. Getting information helped. My husband and children helped by listening and allowing me to cry when I needed to. Everyone seems to have some sort of inferiority complex if they don work for the „Big 4”. People in Davis seemed less superficial and it was a lot easier for me to make friends. Also, yeah, the cost of living is so much cheaper.

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